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Vroom Mobile App Gives Young Brains A Head Start

Since the start of the Dallas County Vroom pilot this past summer, over 35 organizations have committed to sharing the Vroom app, it’s resources, and the science behind early brain development with families. The latest research tells us that our brains develop more rapidly during the first five years of life than any other time. Vroom provides actionable tips that help children to develop positive adult-child relationships, communication skills, and executive function life skills like goal setting and critical thinking.

Before the pilot began over 1,600 parents were surveyed and 1 in 5 parents did not believe “babies begin learning the moment they are born,” which indicates there is an awareness issue. Vroom informs parents that it is never too early to start building a child’s brain. In collaboration with the great work of partner organizations, is building awareness and adoption of brain building activities for young children. Read more about the reach of the Vroom Pilot in Dallas by visiting this Dallas Morning News article.

Join our efforts in helping equip and empower caregivers to become brain builders for children around the County today! Visit joinvroom.org, download the “Daily Vroom” app, and share the importance of brain building activities with families!

To learn more about the pilot please visit the Early Childhood Family Empowerment Action Network (ECFEAN) or email whitney.holman@commit2dallas.org.

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