​Senate Bill 4 Points Toward Necessary Improvements to Texas School Finance

After serving for a year on the Texas Commission for Public School Finance, Senate Education Chair Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) filed legislation on March 8th to reform the state’s complicated and antiquated school finance system. The bill encapsulates a large majority of the recommendations presented by the school finance commission, but does not yet contain specific dollar amounts tied to its new funding formulae.

“I’m thrilled to see SB 4 continue in the spirit and philosophy of the school finance commission recommendations by providing equitable funding for our students who need it the most,” said Todd Williams, Commit CEO and former Texas Commission on Public School Finance member. “We look forward to the Senate’s determination of the funding amounts supporting each of these critical recommendations.”

The Commit Partnership applauds Chairman Taylor for boldly submitting SB 4 and encourages the Senate education committee and members of both the full House and Senate to strongly support the numerous key provisions found in this legislation. These initiatives will require a significant investment, and Commit looks forward to learning more as details continue to emerge.

“The time is now for Texans to act to invest deeply and thoughtfully in our children and in our state’s future,” Williams said.

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