About Us

The Commit Partnership is a community navigator and connector, working to ensure that all North Texas students receive an excellent and equitable education that prepares them to flourish in college and career.

A coalition of over 200 partners (public and private schools, colleges and universities, foundations, businesses, and nonprofits), we work collaboratively to help solve the region’s biggest systemic challenges, including improving early childhood education, preparing and retaining effective educators, and increasing postsecondary completion rates. Our staff aligns community stakeholders around a shared future roadmap – analyzing data to lift up strategic initiatives that improve policies, practices, and funding to grow our community’s capacity to serve every student more effectively.

To build a cohesive, coordinated and aligned educational community, we harness the power of our Partnership. The Partnership strives to analyze data and engage expertise to inform action, activate the community achieve shared goals, and grow capacities of education systems and stakeholders.

What We Do


data and engage expertise to inform action


the community to achieve shared results


capacities of education systems and stakeholders

Whom We Serve

The Commit Partnership serves those stakeholders with a deep interest in the future educational and career outcomes of North Texas students.

Our Vision

Our community working together to ensure all students receive an excellent and equitable education.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Equity & Inclusion, Students First, Systemic Impact, Humility, Joy. More Info >>